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Hope to meet again, but 50 s experience verve and eager to grasp the future trend of the people wish, Ray-Ban to launch the original Clubmaster. Fresh and bright eye colors for the appearance of the glasses improved, picture frame is specially designed to arouse the people the rock of imperial crown memory. Using high quality materials, nostalgic flavour is dye-in-the-wood the Ray-both bright beautiful fashion colour Ban appearance, make best fashion, topped the list of the charm picture frame. Clubmaster design for the upcoming season gives popular definition.

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The attention to detail, and process the delicate design, make elegant Clubmaster (RB3016) become Ray-the TheIcons \”Ban\” glasses series among them a classic. The contracted and delicate line, this type of glasses will be able to meet the most delicate original taste. Touching mingyan androgynous style of the men and women all appropriate, can also be used in vision correction lens. Lively and lively tonal, including red, white, green, and blue, shallow brown and brown, seven in the new color joined the ranks of the original classic; Or evergreen black and tortoise color. By using the durable, rust’s top quality raw materials synthesis of the perfect synthetic materials: \”wave\” special effects acetate mirror foot and eyebrow box and metal texture details of the design perfect fusion, the achievement unique style lasting picture frame.

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Clubmaster can reflect fashionable and success, become the eternal highlights character signature style, also depends much on many character in the movie have been wearing it: the CIA blockbuster kill bureau \”(2006) and\” the genius ripley sir \”(1999),\” catch the medivh’s pair \”(2002),\” the soup Hans anger storm \”(1993) the meters high DE grasse, the kuroshio mayer-camp\” (1992), the George Washington and the Dan drama assassination \”(1991), and the cloud coats. With modern fashion the appearance and the passion surging charm, Clubmaster is contracted with delicate, in perfect with new colour to deduce the self, and without compromise its former verve, not the kui is a classic deserve the freshmen.

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LuxotticaGroup wholesale and marketing executive vice President AntonioMiyakawa said: \”as the leading brand of glasses, Ray-Ban has a long and successful history of. The top musicians with a class of celebrity photographer and DeanChalkley cooperation experience let us feel excited. Ray-BanClubmaster series again, the listed for Ray-global Ban sunglasses, the most revered glasses to the conquest of set up the brand new milestone. Today, we still can use the fascinating independent rock music to perfect reveal Ray-Ban the charismatic personality, so we feel very proud.\”

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