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Since 1937, sunglasses Ray Ban sunglasses already served millions of people throughout the world. The brand provides elegantly designed sunglasses that have become timeless classics through several generations. Its state of the art frame and lens technologies totally revolutionized the entire designer eyewear industry.

The Beginnings of Sunglasses Ray Ban

Ray Ban’s legend started when the first aviator sunglasses were created for the United States Army Air Corps. At that time, there was no other eyewear maker that manufactured goggles suitably designed to protect the eyes of pilots.

Bausch and Lomb, the company that introduced Ray Ban, took the initiative in designing a classy but highly functional eyewear for the Air Corp pilots. This gave birth to the Aviator sunglasses. The unique frame design and the green anti-glare mineral glass lenses proved very functional and stylish. fake ray ban sunglasses, fake ray bans sunglasses,cheap ray bans-wholesale sunglasses

Eventually, sunglasses Ray Ban were introduced to the consumer market. It became one of the strongest and the leading brands of designer eyewear in the market. After several years, Bausch and Lomb sold the brand to the Italian Luxotica Group.

Today, sunglasses Ray Ban sunglasses continue to dominate the designer eyewear industry. The brand is now known for its dedication to quality and elegance.

The State of the Art Lenses of Sunglasses Ray Ban

The success of Ray Ban can be attributed to its superior lens design. The brand boasts of a wide range of lenses that are capable of protecting the eyes from UV radiation and glare. The standard G-15 neutral lenses of Ray Ban sunglasses can help prevent eye fatigue by effectively blocking sun glare. It is specially coated to give you a clearer view of the surrounding environment. fake ray ban sunglasses, fake ray bans sunglasses,cheap ray bans-wholesale

The sunglasses Ray Ban B-15 High Contrast lenses are specifically designed for blocking blue light. The military grade lenses are designed to give you sharper vision while blocking intense glare.

Ray Ban also offers polarized and light adaptive lenses. Polarized lenses are very effective against intense glare coming from different sources. On the other hand, light adaptive lenses automatically adjust your eyewear’s darkness depending on the amount of light passing through it.

Durable and Highly Functional Frames

The durable and highly functional frames of sunglasses Ray Ban are also legendary. The brand is one of the pioneers in creating ultra lightweight metal frames. It is also one of the leading providers of highly dependable plastic framed sunglasses. fake ray ban sunglasses, fake ray bans sungalsses,cheap ray bans-wholesale

Ray Ban made waves when it introduced the use of high technology engineering for designing sunglasses frames.

Some of the best collections of sunglasses Ray Ban have titanium, carbon fiber, and Memo-Ray frames. fake ray ban sunglasses, fake ray ban sunglasses,cheap ray bans-wholesale

The development of Memo-Ray frames completely eliminated the risk of damaging your frames due to accident. These frames are made from flexible materials. They can keep their original form even if you twist or bend them. There is no need to worry about the possibility of shattering your sunglass frames or breaking them in two. The Memo-Ray frames of Ray Ban are practically indestructible. So if you are looking for classy and dependable eyewear , one of your best options is sunglasses Ray Ban. The brand offers timeless classics, exceptional designs, and state of the art frames and lenses.

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