The Common Sense For Identifying Ray Ban Sunglasses

The Common Sense For Identifying Ray Ban Sunglasses

There are genuine and fake goods for Cheap Ray Ban the difference is not big, such as the eye box and instructions are extremely like imitation, if the genuine and fake items together unless careful observation, were hard to discover any actual difference between fake goods. Now sum up his knowledge to teach you identify genuine and fake goods rayban yurt difference:

Mirror box

The mirror box is a genuine function relatively fine, relatively thick cortex that mirror box with velvet inside all parts of the entire package, box inside Made IN ROMANIA words Ray Ban Sunglasses wholesale imitation leather goods, like a man-produced plastic, no texture, but not all use velvet wrap, which has two layers, a layer of pure hard plastic, utilized to hold instructions, and the mirror box of the pen tray is a difficult piece of plastic, not wrapped up with a flannel.


Lens cloth

Lens cloth is genuine silver, red RAYBAN LOGO, the lens cloth lens cloth than the average size of a little shorter imitation goods lens cloth is yellow, only the blue RAYBAN words.


If it is genuine and I was practically hard to distinguish among fake goods,replica Ray Ban Sunglasses  for men fake good simply because the lens is also anti-counterfeit laser engraved “RB” word, but the genuine security closer to the laser edge of the lens, and extremely fine, white labeled “RAYBAN” LOGO than imitation goods need to be fine, the other is no huge distinction.

Ray. Ban logo

Frame nose pads on the RAY-BAN 58 14 words.  Down side is genuine, is it not observed that, whilst imitation is the upward side of the item, one can see. And the lettering is also quite fine genuine. There are two specifications of the lens 55 and 58mm.

Frame ear care

Clear plastic ear frame wrapped component of the care, genuine metal quite appropriate to fill a care package of plastic parts of the ear, Ray Ban Sunglasses sale fake items do not fill, empty out a small.


Manual is not a lot difference is that the red part of the genuine manual of instructions than the pale imitation of some goods.


Fake  Ray Ban Sunglasses the yurt was designed by the width of the face model in the frame to the left marked “RB 3025″ in addition to ‘RB 3026 “the.

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