Laybourne development course

In 1930, has developed the world’s first vice can protect the pilot of the green eyes and lenses sun glasses, can prevent glare and can prevent ultraviolet ray, visual also can maintain clear good eyesight, double the U.S. pilot welcome to all of you, !Replica ray bans sunglassesand by the United States air force named “pilot”.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

In 1937, the company officially put the glasses to the market and renamed “Ray-Ban”. The second world war, by the government as the sun laybourne lens of standard, the glasses to the United States air force execution sunglasses really combat task brings a lot of convenience, some people even say laybourne for world war ii won Allies one of the biggest. !Replica ray bans sunglasses At first, this new invention glasses is only the pilot goggles, later, find it really can absorb most of the light of the sun, at least, the heat spread vision can also keep good clear ability, in the military trial, the result is very satisfied, then gradually in the U.S. from the promotion. In the second world war, the American pilots in cortical jacket often wears a pair of sunglasses, novel and unique in many countries and regions in the world, people were a heroic, natural and unrestrained impression, use now of the words say, very ye, became the popular factor that year.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

In 1936, the company will this dr Aaron sunglasses introduced to the general public, but early in its sales, according to the average person laybourne sunglasses not so interested  Fake  ray ban sunglasses. To this, the doctor Aaron companies do not discouraged, the analysis and study of their will laybourne sunglasses for some small changes again, put into market. To the surprise of the company, the slightly altered laybourne sunglasses, not only price soared, and every was the most popular loved the most popular. At that time, it is said that American men nearly has a pair of sunglasses, and to wear laybourne the mirror to reveal their man of men manhood. Later, ladies have also put up laybourne, while the United States sunglasses to beautiful ladies wear laybourne sunglasses incredibly elegant demeanour, otherwise a particularly compelling and charming.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

In the 1940 s, for the U.S. air force laybourne produced a tilt the sunglasses, give users must offer the best visual acuity protection. The second world war, the American pilots in torn, wearing the novel unique laybourne sunglasses appear in all over the world, its natural  Fake  ray ban sunglassesand unrestrained gallant image, greatly enhance the visibility of the world in laybourne sunglasses. At that time, even the United States five-star general MacArthur often wear sunglasses, is also one of laybourne products. And ZIPPO lighters, with the experience of world war ii as laybourne, became the U.S. sunglasses, and one of the symbols of the war as a fashion products, after quickly became popular in the world. With the passage of time, sunglasses, and gradually becoming more and more popular by fashionable jewelry, into daily necessities.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

In the 1950 s, the market has the laybourne polychromatic lens and big picture frame, and the fashionable sunglasses

Laybourne glasses (16 zhang)  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

Introduced a female sunglasses series.

In the s, was published, the crack laybourne lens sunglasses design is designed a wild and have a type.

In the 70 s, the launch of the sunglasses can become angry laybourne in different light, to provide the wearer clear inspect sense.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

80 s, Tom cruise in “wearing classic cropped flat across the modelling of sunglasses laybourne pilot spread all over the world, starting and an laybourne sunglasses hot. Since then, in recognition of the popular fashion laybourne outstanding contributions to the association, the American popular awarded substantial weight design awards.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

Editor this DuanLei friends come early style and like the celebrity laybourne

In the past half-century, !Replica ray bans sunglasses wore a pair of laybourne mirror is the big show, Gary grant, rock-star AoDaiLiHeBen are its loyal. Now, in the fashion of this brand laybourne People’s Daily collocation of frequent exposure law. Wayfarer type white box, red box, black box, tortoise…… Different laybourne sunglasses frame in Hollywood stars face, collocation is put casual wear,  Fake  ray ban sunglassesappear in all sorts of situations. Sienna Miller, Kirsten Dunst Olsen and sisters, is the backbone of the laybourne part, and, of course, the U.S. five-star general MacArthur. As early as in 1835, a German native American people dr John in New York began to be engaged in by the European import optical products business management, and, behold, it didn’t take long, doctor in his mind’s eye. Nearly closed bankruptcy Thanks to the good friend Henry Aaron, on his own to help last only 60 dollars company, the company just can maintain and survive. Company had dr John Henry Aaron and last name close 2 for one, formally named doctor Aaron company. Since then, the company’s business and dr. !Replica ray bans sunglasses Aaron, until the day is today a American household name brand companies.

One day, a us air force lieutenant 8-page doctor Aaron. The company The air force lieutenant in 1923 because of driving small plane was crossing the Atlantic ocean here with a number of flight experience. He in flight practice, deeply felt strong sunlight brought trouble back to base, even have nausea, vomiting, headache dazzled adverse reactions, was the pilot really need a pair of can absorb many light sunglasses. Doctor Aaron company started by the air force lieutenant of the request development sunglasses.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

Editor this period of development situation

From the brand establishment, !Replica ray bans sunglasseslaybourne always is the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. To support the performance, is of high quality and always laybourne elegant design. Laybourne lens of glass to give priority to, shading effect is extremely strong, all can be cut off one hundred percent lens harmful ultraviolet rays, and screening infrared and other harmful rays. Now the use of technology, the polarizing film containing the light damage to the eyes eased. Laybourne frames of the design and manufacture well too, no matter in what circumstances, can make people wear comfortable.  Fake  ray ban sunglasses

DuoNian laybourne sunglasses, increased variety and traditional, modern and form and the next three kinds of style series. In addition, according to the different consumption object, sunglasses and divided into the gentleman, laybourne fair maiden, sports three types: gentleman type sedate noble; Natural and elegant fair maiden type; Sport is full of sunshine move feeling!Replica ray bans sunglasses.

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