ray bans

As a global leader in eyewear industry, but alsosunglasses brand ranking in the big brother, fake ray ban has always been its technical quality, exquisite details, distinctive design is known, and both the original, nonconformist, bold and assertive characteristics. Unique personality, the eternal symbol of this is Le Pen, Le Pen myth began in 1937 classic “Aviator” design – a teardrop-shaped green metal frame together with the lens – to protect the pilot from glare effects at high altitude, while but also ensures a clear field of vision. Their functional characteristics to become police officers, hunters and anglers the ideal choice. After World War II, Le Pen became Hollywood’s favorite brand of sunglasses. Since the 1950s, the brand’s history that is recorded in a series of constantly accompanied by a more sophisticated lens, shape and material of the new style. The evolution of the fake ray ban glasses gradually become an absolute essential of the goods.

2011-2012 autumn and winter products, the new fake ray ban eyewear Light Ray, eager to show the beauty at the same time reflects the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Light Ray glasses on the market using one of the most innovative materials: low-sensitive, durable, flexible and extremely lightweight titanium. Season Light Ray developed a unique series of sunglasses popular theme, with fake ray ban never used the new lens colors, such as the contrasting two-tone or gradient polarized lenses. The series Flip Out interchangeable lens sunglasses offer three interchangeable lenses sunglasses package: including classic lenses, polarized lenses and gradient lenses, so that the wearer every day to build their personality style glasses.

Model: RB 3460-RB 3461 fake ray ban two landmark series, fake ray ban Aviator and fake ray ban Caravan with a set of three interchangeable lenses with sale.

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