Replica ray bans

Replica ray bans sunglasses brand is sold in the world!

ZIPPO Lighter with Le Pen as a symbol of a successful man.
From 1920 onwards, the world’s first Vice-green lens sunglasses laid on the birth of Replica ray bans Seiko quality. In 1930, Bausch & Lomb is the production of official U.S. Air Force pilots sunglasses as special items. 1937 changed its name to “Replica ray bans“. “Ray” means light, “Ban” means stop, since “Le Pen” brand was launched. The 1930s, Hollywood stars wear sunglasses enjoy increasing popularity, which makes Replica ray bans sunglasses market soon became a popular American pursuit of fashion jewelry.
From brand creation date, Le Pen has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. Support this result, is the Replica ray bans consistently high quality and elegant design. Bausch & Lomb optical technology innovation, making high-quality lenses Replica ray bans sunglasses become the biggest selling point. Replica ray bans lens to glass-based, shading effect is very strong, one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays. Now use the polarizing film technology, makes light of the reduced damage to the eyes of many. Replica ray bans frame design and manufacturing is also excellent, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear.
Glasses Features:
1) REPLICA RAY BANS high-quality lenses have been selling points is its sunglasses.
2) REPLICA RAY BANS glass lens technology

① over visual clarity: the average curvature of the lens, without distortion, for a long time still feel comfortable wearing, you can prevent eye fatigue, headaches, etc. happen.
② high color stability: whether the lens long exposure to sunlight does not change color or lighter.
③ precision grinding film: the surface of finely grinding the lens with superior optical clarity, absolutely super value.
④ anti scratch: the natural hardness of the glass can effectively prevent scratches, make glasses more durable.
⑤ impact: To protect the eyes, each pair of lenses have to undergo a 5 / 8 inch steel ball drop impact test to ensure that its anti-shock.
⑥ UV: blocking harmful UV rays, enhance the protection of the eyes, and snow reflect sunlight to prevent eye injury caused.
⑦ screening or other harmful rays: infrared screening to keep the eye comfortable and cool, blue light filtering, enhanced color contrast, double vision clear.

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